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We are experts at working with personal injury cases.



We are experts at working with personal injury cases, prioritizing accurate diagnosis, a documentable plan, and a final outcome assessment. We have extensive knowledge of the legalities associated with the processing of claims. We provide a concierge service to most effectively communicate a patient's progress, working closely with physicians to ensure we provide a detailed and accurate medical record. We are also passionate about comprehensively treating and reversing symptoms – instead of over-treating with medications.

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Tel: 706-433-0953

Fax: 706-286-7081

Email: WorkersComp@AncoraPain.com

We offer:

• Board certified physicians trained in personal injury care and case management

• Diagnosticians trained in the treatment of acute pain

• Medical providers well-versed in personal injury documentation

• Priority scheduling for personal injury patients

• A dedicated personal injury coordinator

• Expedient access to your client’s records and charges

• Multiple convenient locations